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Right here, you can find the standard instructions for all 24 teams. Everything you need to start your season is at your fingertips!

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All instructions in .zip file

Blue Hill Mudslides

Brobdingnag Barbarians (v2)

Calusa Indians

Columbus Jets

Detroit Stars (v2)

Gotham City Batmen (v2)

Grand Cayman Havens (v3)

Hoboken Zephyrs

Hudson Generals

Kansas Koyotes

Knoxville Blue Thunder

Las Vegas Gamblers (v2)

Maracaibo Rumrunners

Melrose Avengers

Midwest Mongrels (v2)

Munich Marauders (v2)

New West Whiskeyjacks (v3)

Northboro Phoenix (v3)

Riverwoolf Sharks

Rye Herons

The Statesmen (v2)

Warrenton Giants (v2)

Whitman River Rats

Elders of Zion

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